What my patients say

I was recommended Amanda as someone who could help me as I had been suffering from a very unpleasant rash for several months. I had seen several different doctors and been told various different things but nothing seemed to cure it. Having had a consultation with Amanda she prescribed me some remedies and within 2 weeks the rash had completely disappeared. I cannot tell you the relief. It did start to come back after a few weeks which she had warned me may happen whilst we found the reason behind it and a final cure. Even during this process she prescribed me a remedy  which stopped it itching and spreading. I had 2 or 3 consultations with Amanda over the next few months, I felt very comfortable and found her very easy to talk to. She worked very diligently to find out the reason to the rash and after just a few months the rash had gone and has never returned. I am so grateful I found Amanda and have since had her work with my daughter. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda to anyone she has been a God send. SB, female, 36


Our son, now nearly 12, suffered with motion sickness to unusual degree since he was a baby, and since about 2 years old we've depended on strong prescription drugs to make a journey of any length. The drugs take 3 hours to work so spontaneous trips have been out of the question. And with him due to start a new school 45 mins away by bus (yes, he would get sick on a bus) we decided to try homeopathy.

Amanda saw our boy via Skype mid June, and after taking a full history and asking lots of questions prescribed a couple of remedies that he took for the next few weeks. Mid July we took a holiday to Scotland and he was noticeably feeling far more confident about travelling in the car and even volunteered to sit in the back seat - something he hasn't done since he was about 4 years old.

We had a couple of follow up appointments and some adjustment to the remedies and as of now (end of September) S feels confident to travel in the back of the car up to about 30 minutes, and in the front up to about 45 mins - even on winding roads. He also feels confident to get a lift in a car with friends' parents, where before he was anxious about feeling nauseous or needing to stop the car to vomit. We have medication in the bathroom cupboard in case of longer journeys or school trips by coach (enough to make the most iron-stomached of us ready to puke).

And since September he has successfully been taking the bus to and from school, without remedies and without a single mention of nausea. I think he said it best when he said to me: "Thanks for getting me to see Amanda, Mum. I'm so much better, now I'm a person who doesn't really get car sick." AB

Initially I asked Amanda to treat me for osteoarthritis which started about ten years ago in my knees and which I now have in my wrists and neck. I had previously had various sessions of physiotherapy for my neck but the pain was recurring. I felt very comfortable talking to Amanda. She had a very gentle approach in her questioning and I was interested to find in the first consultation that her questions dealt with all aspects of my health. I was able to share with her my problem with anxiety which I conceal well and had not really thought treatable. Amanda obviously spent a great deal of time after the consultation deciding on the best treatment for me and at my last consultation I was able to tell her that it had worked so well. I no longer feel stressed and my arthritis has been so much better.I am so grateful to her and would highly recommend her. DS, female, 72

Amanda’s treatments have really helped me. She prescribed for alarming swelling in my ankles after insect bites, it worked quickly and got them back to normal overnight. She has also really helped me with my terrible hayfever. She’s given me remedies for when I’ve done running events which have helped me perform well and to recover well. If you’re in need of help I’d highly recommend her services. DS, male, 41

I went to see Amanda to help treatment for migraines and tension that related to a period of grieving after two members of my immediate family died in quick succession, and also to treat ongoing pre-menstrual headaches. The treatments and remedies were effective in reducing the amount of migraines and helped to release some of the trapped emotions associated with grieving. Amanda was very sensitive and took time to hear about my history with headaches, and these sessions have made a big difference in the process of healing from some of the trauma I had experienced. Amanda was an excellent listener and I felt very comfortable sharing intimate information with her and will continue to work with her in the future to support any other health issues that arise. I would warmly recommend her work to anyone else. AC, female, 44


Amanda has treated everyone in our family at some point. She is respectful and gentle and willing to work around our needs. Appointments have always been flexible and informal - vital when treating young children. My youngest child was very congested and snotty from birth, and her colds went on for weeks and weeks. Since being treated by Amanda she suffers less with congestion, and now her colds resolve themselves with a week. Amanda also treated one of my daughters for eczema that she gets but only on returning to nursery. She identified it as a symptom of separation anxiety and treated that. Within 5 days it had completely gone! I cannot recommend her enough. AM, female, 35

I was a bit sceptical at first, I must admit.  Initially I was surprised by the depth of the consultation.  I was also quickly at ease with Amanda who is a very calm, still listener & doesn’t seem to flinch at anything!  I took the remedies she prescribed and noticed results - & found the more information I gave at follow up sessions, the more useful the remedies.  I would recommend keeping a diary of observations to reflect on. JF, female, 41